Drainage Master Plan for Lagos State and Pilot Area Integrated Infrastructure System


Nigeria, Africa


The Lagos State Ministry of the Environment commissioned Dar to create the Drainage Master Plan for Lagos State. We also worked on a Pilot Area Integrated Infrastructure System.

We provided our clients with services that go beyond the creation of a plan as we provided them with hands on support when it comes to fixing part of Lagos State’s drainage system.

We identified the stormwater drainage problems in Lagos and developed surface water drainage systems in line with sustainable development and green storm water systems. We also proposed effective and economic mitigation and preventive measures. Then, we prepared a stormwater drainage master plan and an environmental policy framework.

Following the preparation of the framework, we conducted the necessary site investigations, determined priority areas for drainage works, and prepared a cost estimate and the recommended action plan. We also prepared an integrated infrastructure design and tender documents for a 1 km2 pilot area and provided the client with technical assistance.

Our work on the drainage system provided Lagos State with a life that is far less disrupted by floods.