Dar Signs Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment



Dar has signed the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment which encourages the building and construction industry to take steps to decarbonize the built environment, urge others to do the same, and eliminate barriers to implementation.

This Commitment reinforces our own action plan towards decarbonizing the built environment and sets out a plan to help our clients achieve zero carbon across their assets and projects portfolio.

The greatest difference we make is through the advice and solutions we offer in a transformative agenda to shape a net zero future. Demonstrating leadership and taking strong actions to mitigate the most significant impacts of climate change accelerate our ambitions to deliver a more sustainable future, inspiring confidence among our stakeholders and empowering them to change.

“As architects, engineers, and planners, one of the greatest challenges we face is designing projects that demonstrate proactive climate leadership and meet the emission reduction goals of the Paris Agreement,” says Balsam Nehme, Dar’s Head of Sustainability. “By partnering with the World Green Building Council and signing the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, we not only intend to lead by example, but also to use our expertise to inspire others in our region to take action towards decarbonizing the built environment. This will allow us to future-proof our operations, advocate our expertise on reduced embodied carbon, and create a unique platform for vocalized genuine action as we aim to achieve Net Zero in our markets.”

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