Port of Beirut rehabilitation project wins the inaugural Dar Award for Ingenuity in Engineering at AUB

Port of Beirut rehabilitation project wins the inaugural Dar Award for Ingenuity in Engineering at AUB


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Within our long-term relationship with the American University of Beirut (AUB), Dar is honoured to sponsor the Dar Award for Ingenuity in Engineering which launched this year. The award celebrates projects that demonstrate outstanding engineering solutions and problem-solving skills. This award was granted to one distinguished team graduating on June 4, 2024, from the university’s Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Evaluations were based on the students’ final year projects, focusing on criteria such as innovation, uniqueness, technical feasibility, sustainability, and potential community impact.

This award was created to encourage aspiring engineers graduating from AUB, and to nurture the spirit of ingenuity, integrity, and responsibility among students. It also promotes the importance of being engaged citizens, leaders, and entrepreneurs who employ their skills to benefit future generations.

The winners of the first Dar Award for Ingenuity in Engineering — Charles El Murr, Elie Faddoul, Roy El Jabbour, and Georges Rizkallah — were acknowledged for their project “Reviving the Port of Beirut,” supervised by Professor Isam Kaysi. After the devastating explosion that took place on August 4, 2020, severe damage was caused to this vital infrastructure. Their project aimed at reconstructing and future-proofing the port’s general cargo area, highlighting the crucial role the Port of Beirut plays in Lebanon’s economy and facilitating trade and commerce with the global community. The students designed new warehouses powered by solar energy to reduce emissions. They also came up with an innovative solution to protect the port from threats of climate change by elevating the terrain while considering the capacity of existing quay walls.

The award comes within a significant historical partnership between Dar and AUB, which dates back to 1956 when four AUB professors, including the late Dr. Kamal Shair, founded Dar Al-Handasah to meet the rising regional demand for specialised engineering services. This collaboration has grown stronger over the years. Recently, Dar signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AUB, establishing a framework for cooperation in areas related to sustainability in the Middle East. This MoU focuses on green buildings, green engineering, and sustainable practices in building systems and services. Dar also supports the ASHRAE efficient building design conference held at AUB, and the two institutions cooperate to create venues for students to compete in projects related to sustainability.

Moreover, the inauguration of the new Dar Al-Handasah Architecture Building, which hosts AUB’s leading Department of Architecture and Design marks a significant moment in this longstanding partnership. After being dedicated to Dar in 2007, this building was renovated with the company’s full support in 2022 to offer students and faculty members exceptional teaching spaces, offices laboratories, studios, lecture halls, and exhibition and archive spaces.

Furthermore, in 2016 chairman of Dar and AUB Trustee, Mr. Talal Shair, pledged to fully support the design of AUB’s new medical centre, as well as the development of a campus master plan. In return AUB announced that the Children’s Pavilion in the new medical centre will be named in honour of Dar, in addition to a cutting-edge engineering laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

Through these ongoing collaborations, especially with the establishment of the Dar Award for Ingenuity in Engineering, Dar continues to honour its legacy with AUB as it also reaffirms its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Together, we strive to empower the next generation of engineers and inspire them to make positive contributions to society.