Doha Port – Grand Cruise Terminal


Doha, Qatar , Middle East


In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and its emphasis on expanding the island nation’s tourism sector, the Grand Cruise Terminal in Doha Port is a new maritime gateway to Doha and a key, world-class attraction for cruise enthusiasts and passengers, both in the region and globally. Named one of the world’s most beautiful cruise terminals by Forbes, the Doha Port’s Grand Cruise Terminal honours traditional Arab architecture and restores the historic link between Doha and its sea. In 2018, Dar was commissioned to prepare the concept design and the tender documents for the grand cruise terminal.

At a glance:

20,000 m2 in building footprint
24,000 m2 in built-up area
2  6,000-passenger mega ships, hosted simultaneously

The project

Doha Port is envisioned as a maritime gateway to the Gulf and a much-needed new amenity at the heart of the city. The port’s redevelopment restores the historic link between the city and the sea while complementing Doha’s leisure, open space, and hospitality offerings. Thanks to its varied parkland, the site will become a sought-after destination for recreational activities and open-air performances. Additionally, the cruise terminal will ensure marine access to Doha and the Gulf during the 2022 FIFA World Cup and beyond.


As part of the Doha Port project, Dar was commissioned to prepare the concept design and tender documents for the grand terminal that will function as a homeport for two 6,000-passenger mega ships simultaneously. The grand terminal is split into two adjacent terminals and a central area consisting of departure and arrival halls, government offices, touchpoints, and services.  Passengers using this facility will experience a trip through an aquarium to discover local fish types and through a city gallery that introduces them to miniature models of main landmarks in Doha. In order for this experience to be fairly shared between the passengers of both mega ships, the aquarium and the city gallery are located between the two terminals at the centre of the building.


The grand terminal is also exceptional in its open terraces, located on the first-floor level. These spaces can be used for separate events to provide additional commercial revenue, and during the off season when there are no ship movements, they can be integrated with the first-floor halls of the terminal thus generating more flexibility in the use of the building. The halls on
the ground level can also function as exhibition centres. With such a design, the terminal will offer flexible uses and more revenue-generating opportunities.