Makkah Clock Tower


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Middle East


Casting its grand shadow upon the city, the Makkah Clock Tower -- a King Abdul Aziz Endowment for the Two Holy Mosques -- is a formidable feat of architecture and engineer. Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, Dar reviewed the shop drawing for the execution of the clock placed atop Tower Five.


At a glance


m height


m clock

The project

We designed a 4-faced clock weighting 36,000 tons that is visible in all Makkah districts from more than 8 km away. We also created a crescent structure on top of the clock, making the total height, from the base of the clock to the top of the crescent structure, 251 m.

Our clock has grandeur enough to be admired by all the inhabitants of the region while also embodying the region’s culture.


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