EKO Atlantic City Infrastructure


Nigeria, Africa


South Energyx Nigeria Ltd. commissioned Dar to perform a masterplan review of and detailed design for all infrastructure utilities related to a 1, 000-ha multi-purpose development on a reclaimed site. The site extends for 6.4 km along the shoreline of Bar Beach and is situated at an average of 1.1 km into the sea.

At a glance


ha reclaimed land


main marinas

6.4 km

ocean front

The project

We prepared environmental planning guidelines and worked on road design, public transport linkage and facilities, and a traffic control system and signage design.

We also covered wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater drainage collection and disposal, analyses of water sources and water supply/distribution, and irrigation and fire-fighting systems.

Moreover, we took charge of power distribution, street lighting, telecommunication and IT networks, solid waste management, and landscaping.