Fire Protection

Beyond meeting the code, we create robust fire safety solutions.

In an age of constant innovation and creativity in building physics and architecture, the fire safety industry is constantly striving to cope with developments by incorporating safety in the design process while still securing feasibility in order to deliver state-of-the-art projects without jeopardizing the integrity of our buildings and the responsibilities that fall upon any designer. These responsibilities include protecting businesses, assets, and – above all – the lives of our end-users from fire hazards.

Through comprehensive understanding of fire and human behaviors, our fire protection specialists can tailor holistic fire protection strategies to address the specific needs of each building whilst meeting the requirements and objectives of fire safety codes and securing approvals from authorities with jurisdiction.

By utilising our in-depth knowledge of American and European fire codes as well as local legislation in the MENA and Gulf regions, we offer expertise in the application of the following fire protection engineering services:

  • Fire Suppression and Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
  • Smoke Management
  • Passive Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Protection for Special Applications
  • Performance Based Design & Fire Risk Assessments
  • AHJ Representation, Peer Review & Trainings

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